Our visit with Marco Cordani.

"I started working in the vineyards when I was born and I still do it today. I was born here, and after awhile you begin to live in symbiosis with the plants; and your own timeframe becomes the same as your plant’s. I plant new vines and I see them growing and eventually they become part of you."

"In the cellar I work as my grandfather used to: without yeasts or strange alchemies.
Of course the tools and machines have changed. Once you had to pick up the copper with a bucket all the way at the bottom of the hill and then walk your way up to spray the vines.
Since the very beginning, here in this land, we make wines naturally fermented in the the bottle. Not many still make wine following this method.
Most of the producers follow what the market wants and are making more and more standardized products, without personality.
I firmly believe that we should not forget about the ancient methods of producing wine. These methods belong to our history and culture and are true to our land, they have a personality.
The wine cultivation in the Piacenza area is ancient. Here fossils of grape pips and vine roots were found. They dated back from 2000 to 700 B.C. Ancient Roman books talk about wines from the Piacenza area, Cicero talks about them. The person encharged of pope Paul’s III cellar, Mr Sante Lancerio in 1500 also praises the wines of this region."

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we are so happy to be serving his Malvasia at Luce!


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  2. Marco Cordani is a beautiful man and his wines are absolutely fantastic!