holiday hours.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday.
Thank you for all the support this year.

We will be closed:
December 24, 25 & 26.
January 1 & 2.

Please join us for dinner New Year's Eve! 
(details below)

new year's eve dinner.

New Year's Eve at Luce.
come join us..

5 course meal $60. 
wine pairing available $25.

Please call for reservations:

andrew's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
whole tagliatelle with ragu
raisin focaccia

favorite holiday tradition:
watching christmas movies after an overabundant meal with my
grandmother's dinner rolls.

wish list:
radio documentary: "The Idea of North"
"The Goldberg Variations" by Glenn Gould
a wood handled boning knife
a fist full of sharp-tip pens

emily's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
raisin focaccia
half escarole salad
cappeletti in brodo

favorite holiday tradition:
my family are notorious procrastinators (and also christmas-loving jews)
so inevitably we'd end up getting our tree on christmas eve when all the lots were closed.
so we'd have to hop the fence, steal a tree and leave a twenty dollar bill in a conspicuous location.
take the tree, leave the money, no questions asked.

wish list:
antique moroccan kilim rug
sticky rice puerh tea (smells like saddles!)
a piano
saltwater aquarium

lindsey's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
cappaletti in brodo
hanger steak
cabbage with garlic oil
a glass of contratto brut 

favorite holiday tradition:
my two sisters and i get new pjs for christmas eve

wish list:
olo erastus perfume
catbird heart ring
pointed cut-out wedges

sarah's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
seafood stew
half herb salad
glass of the occhipinti sp68 red

favorite holiday tradition:
family hike to a waterfall in the santa cruz mountains

wish list:
the perfect pair of slacks in every color
toyota rav4 in gold
the georgia o'keefe book that's at st. john's bookstore

christopher's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
hanger steak
potato salad
cabbage with garlic oil
a glass of the rossese di dolceacqua

favorite holiday tradition:
until recently, work and then go out bowling with co-workers and beer.

wish list:
a magnum of bollinger "grand annee" r.d. from vinopolis
lonesome's pizza
a bunch of knives, pots and pans from sur la table
an original painting by portland artist josh keyes
a set of the "smoking children" prints by photographer frieke janssen

lauren's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
spaghetti with hot pepper and garlic pasta (i add a lil' lemon)
a glass of the la crima di morro d'alba

favorite holiday tradition:
my brothers, sisters and i open one gift on christmas eve
also, my sister, 50 or so friends and myself remembering and visiting a special friend. bmb.

wish list:
vhs player
scarf from digs on alberta
tocca perfume violette
a 6" mac knife from hawthorne cutlery

julia's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
now that it's cold out...
lentil soup with pine nut gremolata, 
a side of polenta (which i put in the soup)
cabbage with garlic oil
a glass of the gulfi cerasuolo di vittoria

favorite holiday tradition:
we always had advent calendar's growing up!
i bought one for my apartment this year but we are
only on dec. 3rd! something tells me that i will be eating
20 mini chocolates on christmas eve.

wish list:
another green world by brian eno on vinyl
blundstone boots
anything from monograph bookwerks

jennifer's holiday list.

favorite luce meal:
half escarole with bagna cauda salad
half spaghetti with garlic and clams
stuffed trout
sparking water

favorite holiday tradition:
making homemade gifts...
scarves, candy, cookies, marmalade

rollerskates with lighted wheels
orange alpaca yarn
blank cd's

kele's holiday list.

favorite luce meal: 
spaghetti and clams
half escarole salad

favorite holiday tradition:
drinking tequila with my dad

wish list:
electric guitar
williams carlos williams- " spring and all"
collection of short stories by anton chekhov
new shoes

they're back!!

Traditional Pandoro and Panettone by Pasticceria Biasetto

Without the raisins and the candied citrus present in Panettone, a Pandoro’s quality relies solely on first-grade fresh ingredients. Our Pandoro, made by award winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto, in Veneto, is made with an ultra carefully selected list of top-notch ingredients, sourced by Mr. Biasetto wherever his search for the best leads him:

Stone milled flour by Molino Quaglia
Natural mother yeast, lovingly “nurtured” by Mr. Biasetto for 16 years
Fresh eggs from local corn-fed hens
Italian DOP Acacia honey from the Italian Alps
Pure high altitude butter
Organic Vanilla from Tahiti

in addition for panettone:
Untreated orange peel from Sicily
Organic raisins
Organic Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar

Biasetto's masterpiece of elegance and balance, is achieved following a traditional recipe and by applying maniacal care to all the steps of raising and baking. Rustic home-made appearance with delicate fresh butter aroma, a soft and silky consistency, a perfectly round and rich taste, make Pandoro Biasetto a clear choice for fans of this delicious Italian tradition.

Multiple winner of Best Italian Pastry Chef Award, chef Luigi Biasetto achieves a Panettone which tops the world’s best panettone lists year after year.

Cloud-like soft, elastic and velvety, Panettone by Pasticceria Biasetto egg-laden bright yellow dough immediately jumps to the eye; a first bite reveals a perfectly balanced freshness, a clean flavor with delicate notes of honey and vanilla, enlivened by pulpy raisins and candied orange .

a wedding this summer.

a beautiful wedding reception in the luce event space.


7 days a week!