menu 12.31.11

Fig & goat cheese mousse wrapped with ham
Arugula & parsley timbale with grapefruit
Green rice cake
Walnut stuffed onions

Spaghetti with bottarga
Spinach & ricotta gnudi with tomato sauce
Duck ragu with tagliatelle

Roasted trout stuffed with bagna cauda & lentils
Braised beef & mashed potatoes with parmesan & nutmeg
Olive mill stew with polenta

Fennel & Orange Salad

Poached Pears with warm almond sauce
Cinnamon semifreddo with chocolate sauce
Hazelnut ricotta cake with shaved chocolate

new year's eve celebration.

New Year's Eve Dinner at Luce

5 courses $48.
gratuity not included

wine pairings offered
pairing of 5 wines $30.
pairing of 3 wines $20.

please call for reservations.

An old custom that is still followed in some places in Italy, especially the south, is throwing your old things out the window to symbolize your readiness to accept the New Year. So, keep an eye out for falling objects if you're walking around near midnight!

for the holiday.

Traditional Pandoro and Panettone by Pasticceria Biasetto

Without the raisins and the candied citrus present in Panettone, a Pandoro’s quality relies solely on first-grade fresh ingredients. Our Pandoro, made by award winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto, in Veneto, is made with an ultra carefully selected list of top-notch ingredients, sourced by Mr. Biasetto wherever his search for the best leads him:

Stone milled flour by Molino Quaglia
Natural mother yeast, lovingly “nurtured” by Mr. Biasetto for 16 years
Fresh eggs from local corn-fed hens
Italian DOP Acacia honey from the Italian Alps
Pure high altitude butter
Organic Vanilla from Tahiti

in addition for panettone:
Untreated orange peel from Sicily
Organic raisins
Organic Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar

Biasetto's masterpiece of elegance and balance, is achieved following a traditional recipe and by applying maniacal care to all the steps of raising and baking. Rustic home-made appearance with delicate fresh butter aroma, a soft and silky consistency, a perfectly round and rich taste, make Pandoro Biasetto a clear choice for fans of this delicious Italian tradition.

Multiple winner of Best Italian Pastry Chef Award, chef Luigi Biasetto achieves a Panettone which tops the world’s best panettone lists year after year.

Cloud-like soft, elastic and velvety, Panettone by Pasticceria Biasetto egg-laden bright yellow dough immediately jumps to the eye; a first bite reveals a perfectly balanced freshness, a clean flavor with delicate notes of honey and vanilla, enlivened by pulpy raisins and candied orange .

Panettone and Pandoro Biasetto are always baked fresh and just in time for the Holiday Season!

julia's holiday list.

Favorite meal at Luce:
Cardoons and olives in oil
1/2 romaine salad with anchovy
Mussels with tomato sauce
(onion focaccia is a must with this)

Lambrusco to drink!

Favorite family holiday tradition:
Just a few years ago my parents introduced a new tradition to our christmas routine which quickly became one of my favorites. A pickle ornament is hidden in the tree on christmas morning and whoever is the first to find it opens the first present. I most likely enjoy this tradition because i am the raining pickle champion of the family, having found the pickle 3 out of 4 years running. One year, after yet another victory for yours truly, my brother was visibly distraught, what better way to kick off the holiday!

Holiday wish list:
Blush by artist Philip Iosca-
made by my dear Patricia No at Publication Studio
Melissa Joy Manning hoops at Una
L.E.D. light table from Columbia Art & Drafting Supply

eve's holiday list.

Favorite meal at Luce:
Orecchiette with arugula and anchovy
Hanger steak with garlic and rosemary
to drink:
Heart coffee

Favorite family holiday tradition:
Sauerkraut soup
Poking fun at one another

Holiday wish list:
An old powder blue pick-up truck
Willie Nelson as a travel companion
Endless supply of wine from the jura

joanna's holiday list.

Favorite meal at Luce:
Carrots, mushrooms, gratinated clams and the farro pie
Romaine salad
Hanger steak and a half order of the pappardelle with porcini

to drink:
the La Tosa
and marsala for dessert

Favorite holiday family tradition:
Advent calendar
Waiting until the last minute to get the christmas tree and decorating
it on christmas eve, fun!

Holiday wish list:
Wool pajamas
Moon phase hoop earrings from sword + fern
Voice lessons from Wolf Carr

sarah's holiday list:

Favorite meal at Luce:
I am currently enjoying two perfect meals at Luce:
For lunch, while the light comes in through the big windows I crave a half romaine salad and a half spaghetti with garlic, hot peppers and clams and to drink I am loving the Magdalena.
For dinner I want the hanger steak with a double side of braised cabbage and a glass of the Etna Rosso.

Favorite Family Holiday tradition:
Christmas is a pretty quiet time for my family these days, no little ones to fuss over. The family always congregates at my mom's house in Santa Cruz, CA, and a high point is always the walk down to the beach on Christmas day.

Holiday wish list:
Shopping for presents in Portland is a dangerous thing.
I have a mantra: "tis the season to give",
but no matter how hard I try, I forget sometimes...
If I had to choose three things that I am currently lusting after it would be
Oh, and I would love a strand of wooden floats from Sabi and Friends out in St Johns.

we now have gift certificates.

in the shop.

table brush set.

vegetable brush.

pastry brush.

nail brush.

potato/fish poker.

mushroom brush.

cotton cloths.

dustpan and brush set.

Iris Hantverk products.
Using techniques dating back to the 19th century, this Swedish company makes high-quality, handmade household items. The company supports and hires visually impaired craftspeople to create each piece. Handles are made of birch, oak or beech and the bristles are made of horsehair, goat hair, tampico fiber or piassava fiber.


in the shop.