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Once again, we will be carrying the Pandoro and Panettone from Pasticceria Biasetto!

Stone milled flour by Molino Quaglia

Natural mother yeast, lovingly “nurtured” by Mr. Biasetto for 16 years
Fresh eggs from local corn-fed hens
Italian DOP Acacia honey from the Italian Alps
Pure high altitude butter
Organic Vanilla from Tahiti

In addition for panettone:
Untreated orange peel from Sicily

Organic raisins
Organic Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar

Biasetto's masterpiece of elegance and balance, is achieved following a traditional recipe and by applying maniacal care to all the steps of raising and baking. Rustic home-made appearance with delicate fresh butter aroma, a soft and silky consistency, a perfectly round and rich taste, make Pandoro Biasetto a clear choice for fans of this delicious Italian tradition.

Multiple winner of Best Italian Pastry Chef Award, chef Luigi Biasetto achieves a Panettone which tops the world’s best panettone lists year after year.

Cloud-like soft, elastic and velvety, Panettone by Pasticceria Biasetto egg-laden bright yellow dough immediately jumps to the eye; a first bite reveals a perfectly balanced freshness, a clean flavor with delicate notes of honey and vanilla, enlivened by pulpy raisins and candied orange .

Please let us know via email or phone if you'd like to be put on the list to notify upon arrival!

(They are in transit now and should arrive the week before christmas.)

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