new year's eve dinner.

Please join us for New Year's Eve dinner!

5 courses

Wine Pairing

(not including gratuity)
parties of 5 or more will be seated in
our event space

please call for reservations:

Excited to ring in the new year with you.

on it's way!...

Once again, we will be carrying the Pandoro and Panettone from Pasticceria Biasetto!

Stone milled flour by Molino Quaglia

Natural mother yeast, lovingly “nurtured” by Mr. Biasetto for 16 years
Fresh eggs from local corn-fed hens
Italian DOP Acacia honey from the Italian Alps
Pure high altitude butter
Organic Vanilla from Tahiti

In addition for panettone:
Untreated orange peel from Sicily

Organic raisins
Organic Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar

Biasetto's masterpiece of elegance and balance, is achieved following a traditional recipe and by applying maniacal care to all the steps of raising and baking. Rustic home-made appearance with delicate fresh butter aroma, a soft and silky consistency, a perfectly round and rich taste, make Pandoro Biasetto a clear choice for fans of this delicious Italian tradition.

Multiple winner of Best Italian Pastry Chef Award, chef Luigi Biasetto achieves a Panettone which tops the world’s best panettone lists year after year.

Cloud-like soft, elastic and velvety, Panettone by Pasticceria Biasetto egg-laden bright yellow dough immediately jumps to the eye; a first bite reveals a perfectly balanced freshness, a clean flavor with delicate notes of honey and vanilla, enlivened by pulpy raisins and candied orange .

Please let us know via email or phone if you'd like to be put on the list to notify upon arrival!

(They are in transit now and should arrive the week before christmas.)

Our visit with Marco Cordani.

"I started working in the vineyards when I was born and I still do it today. I was born here, and after awhile you begin to live in symbiosis with the plants; and your own timeframe becomes the same as your plant’s. I plant new vines and I see them growing and eventually they become part of you."

"In the cellar I work as my grandfather used to: without yeasts or strange alchemies.
Of course the tools and machines have changed. Once you had to pick up the copper with a bucket all the way at the bottom of the hill and then walk your way up to spray the vines.
Since the very beginning, here in this land, we make wines naturally fermented in the the bottle. Not many still make wine following this method.
Most of the producers follow what the market wants and are making more and more standardized products, without personality.
I firmly believe that we should not forget about the ancient methods of producing wine. These methods belong to our history and culture and are true to our land, they have a personality.
The wine cultivation in the Piacenza area is ancient. Here fossils of grape pips and vine roots were found. They dated back from 2000 to 700 B.C. Ancient Roman books talk about wines from the Piacenza area, Cicero talks about them. The person encharged of pope Paul’s III cellar, Mr Sante Lancerio in 1500 also praises the wines of this region."

more information here.
we are so happy to be serving his Malvasia at Luce!

A Nightly Dinner Out

We love this article about sweet Harry Rosen, a 103 year old man who relishes in the dining experience as much as we do. 

Eating at Il Pellicano on

Eating at Il Pellicano

Celebrating the Charmed Life of the Tuscan Hotel and its Chef Antonio Guida
Raised in Puglia in southern Italy, in 2002 Antonio Guida moved north to Tuscany’s Argentario coast to become Sous Chef, and then Head Chef, of the prestigious Hotel Il Pellicano. Today’s super-8 film by Leigh Johnson captures Guida’s complex gastronomic flair that has earned the restaurant two Michelin stars and three Gambero Rosso forks, and the timeless allure of the Marie Louise Sciò-owned retreat. “Antonio is humble and likes to keep all the fruits and vegetables local,” says Sciò. “Food has to talk about the place, and here, it does.” Guida’s beguiling dishes—including squid-ink risotto, fig-fed chicken and licorice parfait with tobacco leaves—feature across visceral spreads shot by Juergen Teller inEating at Hotel Il Pellicano, the book recently published by Violette Editions with a foreword scribed by Will Self. “We always try to improve and evolve the dishes,” explains Guida, who has trained in Paris with Pierre Gagnaire. “For example, a simple risotto nero di seppia started life with baby squid and then we added turmeric flavored rice cream and garnished with edible flowers and sage from our garden. The most important thing is achieving a balance within the flavors, and having fun with the colors.”

Provençal dinner with Francois Sack and his son Jonathan, the winemakers of Clos Sainte Magdeleine.

Some spots are the cradle of genius. Provence is one.”-Lawrence Durell

Bonjour mes amis! It has been said that French cuisine has the power to change lives. A sip of an aged Cassis or a hint of Mediterranean salt can hurl its savorers back in time and across the pond to a dreamy land of possibilité. Dreamers and truth-seekers alike flock to France’s southeastern coast to bask in the magic of golden Provence. Its colors may be immortalized in Van Gogh’s paintings and its hazy light the adoration of silver-tongued poets, but its food and wine we now have an opportunity to savor. On Saturday May 4th, Luce is offering a five-course Provencal dinner paired with Provencal wines. The evening will be hosted by Francois Sack and his son Jonathan, the winemakers of Clos Sainte Magdeleine in Cassis, France. Spots available for 20 fortunate souls. Come sing Provence’s praises.

5 courses + wine pairing for $75.
Make reservations at
dinner is at 7:30pm

The wines we will be pouring with dinner:
2011 Cassis Rosé
2010 Cassis Blanc Magnums 
2009 Domaine Tempier, Bandol Rouge 
2009 Domaine de Durban, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 375mls 

All of these wines will be available for sale, with discounted retail prices, as well. 

From the sea-sprayed vineyards perched atop limestone cliffs, the Sack-Zafripulos family has been making wine for four generations.  Clos Sainte Magdeleine’s success lies in an uncanny ability to capture a nerve and a sun-kissed unctuousness in their wines, making them both incredibly food-friendly and delicious entirely on their own. 

John Willis, the chef at Luce, will be deviating from Italian fare for the evening and exploring the Provencal region, a place that ranks high in his culinary and cultural imagination. 

bits from the japanese farm food dinner.

Saint Valentine's Day.

Please join us for
Valentine's Day Dinner.

5 courses $60.
wine pairing $25.
gratuity not included.

please call for reservations.