sarah's holiday list:

Favorite meal at Luce:
I am currently enjoying two perfect meals at Luce:
For lunch, while the light comes in through the big windows I crave a half romaine salad and a half spaghetti with garlic, hot peppers and clams and to drink I am loving the Magdalena.
For dinner I want the hanger steak with a double side of braised cabbage and a glass of the Etna Rosso.

Favorite Family Holiday tradition:
Christmas is a pretty quiet time for my family these days, no little ones to fuss over. The family always congregates at my mom's house in Santa Cruz, CA, and a high point is always the walk down to the beach on Christmas day.

Holiday wish list:
Shopping for presents in Portland is a dangerous thing.
I have a mantra: "tis the season to give",
but no matter how hard I try, I forget sometimes...
If I had to choose three things that I am currently lusting after it would be
Oh, and I would love a strand of wooden floats from Sabi and Friends out in St Johns.

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