julia's holiday list.

Favorite meal at Luce:
Cardoons and olives in oil
1/2 romaine salad with anchovy
Mussels with tomato sauce
(onion focaccia is a must with this)

Lambrusco to drink!

Favorite family holiday tradition:
Just a few years ago my parents introduced a new tradition to our christmas routine which quickly became one of my favorites. A pickle ornament is hidden in the tree on christmas morning and whoever is the first to find it opens the first present. I most likely enjoy this tradition because i am the raining pickle champion of the family, having found the pickle 3 out of 4 years running. One year, after yet another victory for yours truly, my brother was visibly distraught, what better way to kick off the holiday!

Holiday wish list:
Blush by artist Philip Iosca-
made by my dear Patricia No at Publication Studio
Melissa Joy Manning hoops at Una
L.E.D. light table from Columbia Art & Drafting Supply

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