in the shop: Geoffery Lilge cutting boards.

hole slab long- walnut. 61 x 22 cm.

culina paddle- walnut.

ring- walnut. 51 x 51 cm.

hole slab large- walnut. 26 x 15 in.

hole slab round- walnut. 52 x 41 cm.

culina tray- walnut.

The Story of the Boards.

When I was handed the task of outfitting the kitchen and dining room of a soon-to-be-award-winning restaurant (my wife Cindy’s Highlands Kitchen), finding the perfect cutting and charcuterie boards quickly became my odd obsession. I became fascinated by the beautiful simplicity of a solid wood board – how they feel, how they are held and how they wear.
This collection of boards has emerged from 4 years of prototyping and restaurant testing, as well as gluttonous amounts of charcuterie – boards with easy-to-hold oversize handles and a smooth hand polished natural oil & beeswax finish. They are created to inspire people to savour every detail when cooking, dining and sharing – bon appetit!

Geoffrey Lilge, 2011

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